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"Strings of Life"

Tonight I wanna shine brighter

Like the stars,

The stars burning brighter

Tonight I wanna fly higher

Like the birds,

So spread your wings and fly higher


We are one and I'm feeling

a sense of clarity

Suburban city dreams

Sinking in the dark full of devastation

 I can feel it in the earth

Found the motivation 

It will be alright 

Everybody's tied

To the strings of life

Hold me close and I'll never

I'll never let you go

'cos tomorrow may not show

Tired eyes and love songs

And staring at my phone

And forever we will know

We are the strings of life

Soar into the sky

I'm on a roll I can feel it

Far beyond the stars

You just gotta believe it

Your systems tired

The sun will rise

With the strings of

Music is the answer 

Music is the feeling

Music is the answer 

Music is the healing

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