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twin brothers making alternative pop songs in a spare room.


Hey! We're twin brothers Kim Allen Jnr (drums and vocals) and Alfie Allen (guitar and vocals), an independent alternative pop duo called Lilac Fall based in suburban Milton Keynes.


As twins growing up in the suburbs of a young city striving for its own sense of individuality, we alike the city drive forward with that same intent, with our dreamy, hook laden and hopeful sound, incorporating shimmering synths, jangly guitars and soaring choruses.

We write, record and produce our music from home. 

Throughout lockdown the twins became gripped by the Bedroom Pop and DIY world and after enrolling in Ryan Tedder’s songwriting/production course

the boys finished six songs that would make up their new EP EP, The "Lilac" EP, which would release 30th December 2021. 


Having released their first EP at the end of 2020 “Songs From Your Future...” which featured songs from their teen years, the new EP sees the band take on a new lease of life and head in a new direction. 


The EP takes the listener on a journey of infatuation, insecurity, and change. 

Over the course of the six tracks we are presented with a soaring blend of dreamy synth textures, anthemic choruses, golden saxophone solos, big guitar solos, cinematic soundscapes and an unwavering youthful message. 


The lead single "Saturday's Dream" sounds reminiscent of something straight out of a John Hughes 80s movie. This track was built for screaming at the top of your lungs in your car. The single was accompanied by a music video. 

Watch the video here

The second and final single "Love It, Leave It, Let It Go" tells a story of heartbreak. The song hits hard with its pining choruses and brutal yet optimistic lyrics. Upon release, a lyric video accompanied. 

Watch the video here


"She Never Lets Me Down" was co-written with the boys Dad Kim Allen Snr. 


Speaking on "Saturday's Dream", the twins said, “Something that’s always been consistent with us is we take what we do seriously but try not to take ourselves too seriously. With “Saturday’s Dream” we really wanted to make something euphoric, something fun and something to inspire and reignite a sense of freedom and love within yourself. If nothing goes right, go left!” 

On the 1st of October, the twins released their new EP "Falling Off A Certain Season". The new EP was accompanied by a three lyric video for tracks "High For A Lifetime", "She Comes and She Goes", and "Maybe That's the Thing". 

The EP takes the listener on a more heartfelt and coming of age journey than it's predecessor. In Hot Vox Music's write up on the track "She Comes and She Goes", they said, 


"With their seamless harmonies and heartfelt songwriting style, Lilac Fall have created your new favorite song with the release of ‘She Comes And She Goes’. The song beautifully describes the pain of giving someone everything you have, but still not having them when you need them."


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Joining a bill in London for a show for Fierce Panda records.


"Saturday's Dream" was released to a welcome reception and was supported by BBC Introducing. 

The Lowdown Magazine featured Lilac Fall as part of their "Get To Know..." series in conjunction with the release of "Saturday's Dream". 

Read the interview here

Local radio stations also supported the release, including Kettering Hospital Radio, the hospital where the twins were born.  

The twins are also actors and have various TV/Film/Stage credits to their name including, Tim Burton's remake of the Disney classic "Dumbo", spy thriller "Red Joan", TV series "Electric Dreams" and "The Royals", and stage work including "Fame", "Bugsy Malone" and "Cilla". 


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