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twin brothers making songs in a spare room.


Lilac Fall is a pop duo created by twin brothers Kim Allen (drums/vocals) and Alfie Allen (guitar/vocals) in Milton Keynes, England. Coming from a musical family, dating back to their Granddad, Jerry Allen, a television entertainer/organist throughout the 50s and 60s and also the director at Morgan Studios, one of the most in demand recording studios not just in London but the world, during the late 60s and all the way through the 70s. The studio saw the likes of Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd, The Cure, Paul Simon, Led Zeppelin and more go through it’s doors. Jerry also recorded for artists including Rod Stewart and Gary Moore. Inspired by their Granddad, the boys continue to follow in their family roots.


Writing, recording and producing from home, Lilac Fall experiment with various sounds and styles and when making music, the twins don’t feel confined to any specific genre. With modern streaming platforms, the boys like the idea of their songs being consumed as if it were one’s favourite playlist, jumping from sound to sound. The twins continue to grow their fan base with their bedroom pop songs and DIY approach. They describe their sound and style as “Planetary Pop”, a nod towards their fun versatility and “limitless” outlook towards creating music. 


The brothers version of "Here Comes the Sun" was released to raise awareness for a local boy Harry Banks (Mad About Harry) and Neuroblastoma UK.

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Our version of "Here Comes the Sun" is supporting and raising awareness for Neuroblastoma UK. Click below for more info.